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We all protect the innate ability to protect ourselves from disease. This remarkable disease prevention mechanism is our immune system. Proper nutrition is one of the easiest ways to boost the immune system. The overuse of pharmaceuticals and the lack of information concerning hot to give our immune system a boost has left our immune system efficiency level at 50% best.


Elemvitals. Zinc with Siberian Herbs contains organic zinc in the form of natural organic acid chelates. Zinc plays a central role in supporting immune functioning. Overall, clinical studies shows that zinc help the immune system to fight off colds and sore throats and recover from injury, illness, or surgery. For a proper mineral balance in the body zinc should always be taken together with cooper.

Echinacea- one of the most well recognized medicinal plants for boosting immunity and helping to fight infection. Echinacea can affect many aspects immune defense: synthesis of immune cells, phagocytic activity (killing of bacteria by immune cells) and production of natural anti-viral factors- interferons. Among other powerful botanical immune boosters there are also Siberian Rose Hips and Siberian Burdock, as well as Acerola, which is very rich in natural vitamin C. Elemvitals. Zinc with Siberian Herbs contains these plants in the form of very potent standardized extracts.


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